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When Human Compassion Makes Human Angels

Human angels
We all frequently play the role of an angel for others

"We all become each other’s angels at different times."

This thought appeared in my head very clearly about seven years ago, when I suddenly lost my father. 

That day and in the days which followed, I felt deep in my core that I was surrounded by human angels- people I know and people I had never met before, or never met again afterwards ✨

◾  From my husband who had the dreadful responsibility of breaking the news to me, to a very close friend who at once rushed to my side.

◾  From the lovely airline sales representative who miraculously found me a seat on the last plane from London to Istanbul; to the ticket controller at the train station who let me to go through as quickly as possible so I could make it to the airport on time,  even when my app would not work to show him my train ticket.

 ◾  From the amazing flight attendants on the plane, who made sure I was comfortable and had some food for strength;  to a childhood friend who I had not seen for 25 years  and who happened to be in the seat in front of me.

What were the chances? He comforted me throughout the flight and was right by my side until I left the airport in Istanbul.

 ◾  From my dear cousin and her wonderful husband who picked me up at the airport at 4am in the morning and gave me the warmest of hugs, to the funeral director I met that morning who told me to not worry about a single detail and put me at ease. He genuinely cared and delivered.

I could not believe how so many friends, family and strangers went above and beyond to support me. It was like they each morphed into a rising phoenix and lifted me up with them.

I felt ‘embraced’, 'looked after’ ‘cared for’ which is what many people need when experiencing ‘grief’. I was full of gratitude to every single one of them for showing such compassion. 

Human angels
Compassion is one of the many beautiful human traits

Human angels helping one another does not only apply to devastating situations like grief and major loss.

💠 Have you never experienced caring people appearing when you most need help?

That barrister who you end up having the most uplifting chat with, just as you were thinking you never felt so low in your entire life...

💠 The kind local who ‘happens’ to pass by, in an area of the city you had never been before. They give you the best directions when technology lets you down, and you make it on time to that important meeting with a new client. 

💠 The commuters who rush to your help as you run to the station in the rain to catch the next tube, only to fall right on to your bottom. 

The examples of how we take care of each other everyday are endless- from the slightest to the biggest things.

I bet, you personally have been at least two people’s angel in the last week.

And this week why don’t we all become angels for one another 'intentionally'?

We can start with people we know- colleagues, friends, family… And be on the lookout for people who might need help in our community, our area, our city!

And how about being 'consciously' of help to others throughout 2024?

Anyone in?

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