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The Magic of Living in Full Alignment with the Seasons   04.12.23

Notice that an important part of living consciously is living cyclically, aligned with the seasons. Much love ♡ 

Magic of living in full alignment with the seasons

 How to truly 'see' others - Decoding the Unseen in Communication   29.11.23

Learn ways of making others feel seen, heard and acknowledged in communication. With love ♡ 

How to truly “see” others

Mesmerising Surprise During Early Morning Meditation     28.11.23

Remember to take in the nature around you. Even more so on your busiest days. With love ♡ 

Full Moon Surprise

Cultivating the Necessary Attitudes to Change with Ease    15.11.23

Learn about the attitudes needed for making changes with ease. Much love ♡ 

Changing with Ease

Make a Positive Impact Following Your Soul Purpose, Now      01.11.23

Listen to the nudges of your soul. Embrace your mission, serve others, and collectively create a connected, conscious, and compassionate world. With love ♡

Follow your soul purpose- now!

Reduce Yourself For No One      15.10.23

Your light is needed. So do not dim it for anyone. Much love ♡

Do not reduce yourself for anyone

Increasing Our Human Connection Through Audio Blogs     01.10.23

In this first audio recording I have summarised why I have decided to add audios to my content. Sending you all much love ♡

Welcome to My Audio Blog
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