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Shine Your Light Everywhere!    29.05.24

 Your light, your talents, your knowledge, your wisdom and your kindness are needed. Much love ♡ 

Shine Your Light Everywhere

7 Steps to Consciously Design Your Most Fulfilling Life    10.05.24

 Join me at '7 Steps to Consciously Design Your Most Fulfilling Life Workshop'. Much love ♡ 

Consciously Design Your Most Fulfilling Life Workshop

Great Things Always Begin From the Inside,Including the Best 'Change'    01.04.24

 Make value-aligned changes this Spring- powered within, for a fulfilling life. Much love ♡ 

Great things always begin from the inside, including the best change

Your Body Deserves THE BEST    25.03.24

 Tune into your body and take good care of it. Much love ♡ 

Your body deserves THE BEST

As within, so without     11.03.24

 Your inner world is continuously shaping your outer reality. Much love ♡ 

As within so without

Who Are 'Your People'?     24.02.24

Who are the people that are always by your side, regardless of your circumstances? Much love ♡ 

Who are your people?

Are You Living a Conscious Life?     14.02.24

Find out by reflecting on 10 key questions. Much love ♡ 

Living a Conscious Life in 10 Questions

The Necessity to be Extra "Present" with Those Who We Know Well   31.01.24

Give people and yourself a chance, as the people you are today through 'presence'...  Much love ♡ 

Being ‘present’ with those who we share a past with

Release Your the Attachment to How Things "Should Be"  21.01.24

Accept the way things are and have trust in what "is"...  Much love ♡ 

Releasing your attachement to how things "should" be

The Immense Power of Daily Breaks Outdoors   14.01.24

Ensuring you are connecting with nature during your busy work day, has a positive impact on your daily choices.  Much love ♡ 

The immense power of connecting with nature regularly

Feeling the Comforting Support of Nature in the City   20.12.23

Tune in. Even in the background of busy, built-up city life, you will witness the support nature offers us.  Much love ♡ 

The comforting support of nature

You Can Let Go of Anything!   13.12.23

When your whole being agrees with the desired change, change is instantaneous and irreversible. Much love ♡ 

You can let go of anything

The Magic of Living in Full Alignment with the Seasons   04.12.23

Notice that an important part of living consciously is living cyclically, aligned with the seasons. Much love ♡ 

Magic of living in full alignment with the seasons

 How to truly 'see' others - Decoding the Unseen in Communication   29.11.23

Learn ways of making others feel seen, heard and acknowledged in communication. With love ♡ 

How to truly “see” others

Mesmerising Surprise During Early Morning Meditation     28.11.23

Remember to take in the nature around you. Even more so on your busiest days. With love ♡ 

Full Moon Surprise

Cultivating the Necessary Attitudes to Change with Ease    15.11.23

Learn about the attitudes needed for making changes with ease. Much love ♡ 

Changing with Ease

Make a Positive Impact Following Your Soul Purpose, Now      01.11.23

Listen to the nudges of your soul. Embrace your mission, serve others, and collectively create a connected, conscious, and compassionate world. With love ♡

Follow your soul purpose- now!

Reduce Yourself For No One      15.10.23

Your light is needed. So do not dim it for anyone. Much love ♡

Do not reduce yourself for anyone

Increasing Our Human Connection Through Audio Blogs     01.10.23

In this first audio recording I have summarised why I have decided to add audios to my content. Sending you all much love ♡

Welcome to My Audio Blog
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