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I offer a three-month one to one coaching programme where you will rise to the next level of your leadership as a conscious leader and design one or more areas of your life with awareness and presence.

During your  coaching journey, we will explore what your truth is- what really is in your heart. But we will also be strategic so you get the best value out of this programme.

We will use the impactful Conscious Life Design Model© combining the heart and the mind, consisting of seven stages: Dream, Direction, Deep-dive, Diamond, Design, Delivery and Debrief

3-Month Conscious Leadership and Life Design Coaching Programme ✨

We are constantly creating our lives- whether we are consciously doing this or not. We are designing our present and our future with awareness or without it.

Create your most fulfilling 'present' and 'future'. Enjoy the following results and more! 🙂

  • Become a passionate and empathetic leader who truly connects with their people and brings results from that place

  • Confidently progress your career and achieve that promotion you have been longing for

  • Become an excellent communicator

  • Embrace change and transformation with curiosity and positive expectation, rather than fear and intimidation

  • Experience constant gratitude for your body, lead a healthy life and look after your mind, body and soul well

  • Significantly reduce stress and anxiety

  • Enjoy high self-esteem, inner confidence and expanded inner strength

  • Be present and appreciate all that you are and have right now

  • Redesign one or all areas of your life with confidence

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Conscious Leadership & Life Design Coaching Programme includes:

  • Your three-month tailored coaching journey

  • Up to three one to one coaching sessions per month on Zoom

  • Regular coaching support though app

  • One deep-dive voice recording from your coach per week

  • Powerful coaching tools

  • Your experienced coach by your side uplifting and challenging you throughout

Bonus with the programme:

Your detailed DISC personality and leadership profile & a coaching session dedicated to understanding your profile - worth £300

Investment: £850 per month for three months

Alternatively receive a 10% discount when paying in full, at £2295.

(Four-month and five-month payment plans are available.)


I offer interpersonal skills training to organisations on the following topics. Please get in touch to explore:
  • Impactful Leadership

  • Effective Communication

  • Effective Feedback

  • Building High Performing Teams

  • Confidence

  • Wellbeing

  • Presence

  • Conscious Living


I would love to be a guest speaker at your event or on your podcast. 
Sharing experiences and ideas on the following areas come to me easily. And I genuinely care about raising awareness in these topics:
  • Supporting ourselves and loved ones during illness, during loss and during transformation

  • How to be present in a busy world

  • Best ways of being conscious

  • Increasing self-esteem

  • A confident self-image

  • Improving resilience 

  • Increasing our wellbeing

  • Looking after our bodies 

  • Impactful Leadership 

  • Effective Communication 

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