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Wholistic Therapies

What are Wholistic Therapies?

As humans, we are a ‘whole’ system.

We are flesh, bone, thought, emotion, feeling and fields of energy.


While traditional coaching works perfectly well for some clients, others need something different.


These needs are met by carefully blending modalities and tools. If you are one of these clients, that means you like setting goals addressing the needs of the 'whole' you - body, mind, soul.  Wholistic Therapies have been designed to meet these needs.

With this in mind, alongside Coaching, I offer Theta Healing in my practice. Theta Healing technique helps clients to work with their subconscious mind more effectively and create sustainable habit and behaviour change. 


I also offer Reiki to clients who would like to bring instant, deep balance and calm to their body and mind with energy work.


Wholistic Coaching




Theta Healing

Interested in Wholistic Therapies? Wonderful. Will be glad to answer your questions. Click on "Talk to Özlem" and we will schedule a Clarity Call.

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