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The Magic of "Now"

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Beautiful sunset on Thames river London
Sunset on the River Thames

In a single late afternoon run yesterday, I managed to capture and admire the beauty of both the Sun and the Moon. Yes, happens sometimes and I always feel super privileged when it does 💛 ✨

Some of you would have felt an amazing surge of joyful energy in the air yesterday afternoon into the evening. There has been an embracing of 'magic' since then and it continues today... We are literally being uplifted with the most serene, high frequencies which prompted me to write a quick post for you this morning.

I genuinely hope that whatever your plans are for this weekend, you manage to get outdoors, intentionally take in your surroundings, see the beauty, smell the air, align with Earth and 'be' where you are, even for a brief period of time. 🍁

The moon on London docks
The Moon watching over us

I happened to be listening to the Love Song by Elton John, at the end of my run, while capturing the Moon. I love the cords and the lyrics. And it is the second time I am sharing this song on the blog. It is just doing something very deep for me in these months of 'change of seasons, change of hearts, change of energy'. So here it is for you to tune in to.

"Love is the key we must turn

Truth is the flame we must burn

Freedom the lesson we must learn

You know what I mean

Have your eyes really seen?"

For me, I will be creating further magic during my monthly Pranic Energy Healing session with my beautiful friend and pranic healer, Elena later this morning. And will be fully immersing myself in nature afterwards.

Have a beautiful weekend! ✨ ✨

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