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Great things always begin from the inside: The best change comes from 'WITHIN'

New life, emerging from the change within

Great things always begin from the inside and the best change comes from within ✔

Particularly relevant as we are in Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and many around the world are observing Easter right now. A significant time of renewal and rebirth 🐣 

🔸  Change is short-lived and rarely sustainable when pushed upon from the outside; whether it is socio-political, governmental, organisational or personal. Such change often does not involve the joy of learning and growing either, which makes it hard to celebrate the wins achieved along the way.  

🔸When change is led on the outside, it is not internalised, it is not necessarily value-aligned and it requires constant effort of motivation rather than being powered by inspiration. It does not result in conscious action, stemming from being in alignment either. 

🔸A simple example is when people try to get fitter because at the core of it, they want to be accepted, appreciated, approved by the social groups they are in. Because they believe this way of living is cool or ‘looks good’ so is valued by the outside world- as modelled by celebrities and influencers (!). Naturally, in many such cases the state of ‘fitness’ is short-lived because it is not driven by the individual’s own value and belief system. It is not inspired from within.

🔸A couple of months ago, in another post I shared that over the years, I made fundamental changes that could be interpreted as: sudden and from one day to the next. Going plant-based, stopping alcohol consumption altogether, letting go of people and peer groups, releasing attachment to sentimental objects, shifting to early nights in- to incorporate early morning meditations, were some of these significant changes. 

💡 At the core of all those seemingly overnight changes, there was years of personal growth, value assessment and release of unhelpful beliefs. So the changes were not really overnight. And none were imposed on me by any groups or by the outside world. I was long ready for the changes, body-mind and soul, by the time I made them. 

💡 It did not feel challenging to make these changes either because I went through the challenges during the years prior to the actual moments of change. And yes, I am so much happier because of the shifts I made- inspired from within. 

Beautiful new life coming from inside the egg
Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy New Beginnings

🔸 So, if you want to make significant changes this Spring and start anew. If you would like to clarify, prioritise and plan your changes and design a more fulfilling, value-aligned life, do get in touch. You can do so through the Work With Me page on this website, or by dropping me a line at

I would love to share the most helpful processes that have worked very well with me and with many of my clients. 

Much love 🐣

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