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Leadership Lessons From Animals

Leadership lessons from animals
Nature is the best teacher to learn from

💫 Gone are the days when I used to have both earbuds in my ears when running, walking and travelling. I cannot do that anymore. 

🦆 Despite being based in London- one of the busiest cities in the world, I can always hear the birds singing in the background. All day long. 

🐦 So nowadays, I have an earbud in one ear to listen to books, podcasts and music; and no earbud in the other to simultaneously hear the birds singing.This way, I am reminded I am a part of a far bigger world. 

This bigger, more exciting world which is always in the background, involves other fascinating species. And I am continuously learning from them 🐣 

💫 The two other amazing humans in my life, who share the same love of nature and make sure they connect with it everyday, are Lisa Foulger and Rory Bakke. As well as a love for nature and animals, the three of us share a passion for coaching, leadership and learning. 

🐘 Hence on Friday 28th June, between 4pm and 5.15pm BST, we are offering a different kind of leadership session: "Leadership Lessons From Animals - A Facilitated Discussion". 

🐨 In this fun and inspirational session, we will all be connecting to the wisdom of the best teacher, 'Nature' for leadership lessons, where the attendees will get to share their experiences too. (I believe it is quite easy to guess the animal each of us is focusing on, going by the picture 🙂)

💫 Our offer is a part of a wonderful week of workshops, talks and learning within the Humane Marketing Circle Expo, starting on 24th June and lasting until June 28th. Our theme is Business with Heart: Putting Humans First! 💖

💫 The Expo has been put together by all of us- members of the beautiful Humane Marketing Circle, under the leadership of Sarah Santacroce.

💖We are all heart-based business owners, playing our part in creating a kinder, more humane business world. 

🦔 So come and join us for the whole week where you will experience soulful business workshops led by heart-centred entrepreneurs throughout. 

You will learn, strategise, get creative, meditate, get inspired, have fun and more 🙂

💫 Register for the Expo using the link below:

Looking forward to seeing you ✨ 

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