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Is the Collective Consciousness Rising? 

Human consciousness rising
Towards a more aware and heart-centred humanity

Is the Collective Consciousness Rising?

Being a coach and a person who invests significantly in their inner and outer growth, this question surfaces a few times in the year for me.

The collective consciousness rising- meaning: Developing a deeper ‘inner knowing’ and awareness as a collective about ourselves, our environment, our immediate communities and the global community. Collectively birthing a unified desire for peace and harmony with-in and with-out.


Going by many in person and online conversations and experiences with others, as well as observing and researching the latest collective behaviours, my answer is “Yes”! 

Here are a few reasons why:

🔴 Increasing numbers of people take part in global activist movements; whether the purpose is to look after the earth, look after other sentient beings or look after one another.

🔴 There seems to be a desire for balance and fairness worldwide. People demand both in all areas of their lives, including ‘work’. And they desire them for their fellow citizens too.

🔴 There is a rise in people adopting healthier lifestyles from consuming fresh foods & more plants, to reducing wheat, sugar & alcohol and increasing physical activity.

We have always been willing to pay more to live by a park, green spaces or by the water but the last decade has also seen a trend of individuals paying more to reside near a gym.

🔴 The ever spreading popularity of Yoga and Meditation in the Western society during the last three decades is notable. Connected to this is the expanding desire to benefit from more whole-some therapies, including ones involving "energy healing", from Gong Baths to Reiki, from Pranic Healing to Theta Healing and Family Constellations.

🔴 More and more people seem to be developing an understanding of taking care of their whole wellbeing, body-mind-soul, rather than solely their mind or body. Not only that, but they seem to be more conscious about the interconnectedness of all three. 

Overall, we seem to be collectively noticing that our capacity to love, create and manifest is far beyond what we have been told to believe.

And many are looking to access or rather re-access their true calling and capacity.

But why is this happening more so now?

There are a few reasons.

⭕ Having to focus ‘within’ as a global community during the pandemic seems to have accelerated the rise in collective consciousness. This is topped up with the environmental and financial challenges we are facing as well as the distress and sorrow of the ongoing wars. 

⭕ Increasing numbers of people voice a disconnect between themselves and their environment. Of course, the addiction to technological devices and social media cannot be excluded when this ‘disconnect’ is concerned. Therefore, many are willing to push through beyond their unconscious, at times merely habitual ways of living, to feel more ‘whole’ and ‘at peace’.

⭕ The rise of diabetes, cancer, dementia and other life altering and challenging illnesses surfacing both in the younger and older segments of the society is beginning to make people see the cost of losing their connection to their bodies and to nature.

Many of us have grown complete strangers to our bodies-our only true homes. To the point that large segments of society eat what is put in front of them by supermarkets and the advertising industry without researching the damage some of these foods cause to their bodies…

Many yet rely on the "outside"agencies even when facing the most minimal dis-ease. Hence, the increasing interest in healthy living. 

We can easily extend the list…

The bottom line is the longer we continue to live by our unconscious, habitual programmes without paying attention to the consequences of our actions, the longer internal and external ‘disconnect’ continues. We yearn for ‘wholeness’ and do not quite understand why we don’t feel right. 

We desire a deeper connection to our environment, to our social circles and to nature. 

Still, it is truly inspiring to observe that the collective is increasingly waking up to the fact that we as humanity need to shake off the feeling that life is "happening to us" and instead "create our value-aligned, most desired lives" in order to thrive and live in harmony.  

If you are looking to design your life consciously, on your own terms; I will be more than happy to be by your side as this is what I have been intentionally doing in the last few years and I have been helpinhg others do so. I would love to support you in your journey. 

Here’s to a thriving and peaceful 2024!

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