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Happy New Year!

I hope you had a pleasant festive break so far, where you experienced beautiful moments of joy, love and peace…


Here are the photos of a stunning sunset I experienced in northern Tenerife during my break. It was a blessing to deeply connect with nature. A much-needed renewal.

We are now at that special time, past Christmas and into the New Year. An in-between phase where many of us feel elevated with the vital energy of the ‘new’. It is that magical space where our hopes and dreams for the future feel within reach (and deep down we know they are).

This is a wonderful time to reflect, set intentions and begin to manifest.

✨ I set intentions around ‘continuous personal growth’ every year and this year is no different. So, this period always involves a great amount of reflection, self-coaching and self-healing for me.

Whether in the UK or abroad, I always find that nature’s embrace, enables access to a variety of unique and elevated frequencies offered by diverse lands and cultures. This makes healing and expanding much easier.

If you are setting intentions around personal growth this year, please remember nature is the ultimate coach and healer. And cultivating a deeper connection with it; remembering our ‘oneness’ with a far more expanded consciousness, is fantastic for our growth. 

Happy New Year! ✨🎆

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