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Embracing The New Beginnings and Making the Most of Each Day

Beautiful ocean -Lagos Portugal
Greeting the day of the Solar Eclipse in Lagos, Portugal

The Solar Eclipse will be observed by many today.

A beautiful occurrence that can be extra magical for some, as it teams up with today's new moon🌛 

Apparently this is an ideal time in the year to identify our most true and authentic mission, and plant seeds of intention 🌱 

So, I hope today has been a good start to the week for you and you get to create in flow throughout the week ✨ 

Let's also remember that although a total Solar Eclipse on average happens every 18 months and can be a special and spectacular experience, our days are already filled with Earth’s everyday magic and beauty 🌍 

Sunshine, rain, wind, sunsets, sunrises, all phases of the moon, change of seasons, waters, lands… Animals and plants... All the magic and inspiration we need to create and set forth with our authentic mission is already here🍃 

And each and every day is a great day to start anew, to create, to build and rebuild 🌱 

Much love ✨

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