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Are You Leading a Conscious Life? Find Out by Answering These 10 Questions!

Yin and yang - the ultimate balance
Living a balanced life, where one's internal and the external worlds are aligned

You are worthy. And your life is precious

Therefore, how can you be more ‘Conscious About the Life You Are Living Now’, and the experiences you would like to create in the future?

Human Beings are powerful creators. We can design and create every second we breathe.  Yes, every second - even when we are asleep ✨

Ask yourself the following questions to be more conscious about the life you are living and to assess the areas of your life that need adjustment.

Answering these questions will help you design and create with ‘intention’ and ‘ease’ ✨

1. Which one is more real - your internal world or your external life?

2. Which one impacts the other more?

3. Are your internal and external worlds in balance?

4. What are the consequences when they are not?

5. Who are you when these two worlds are not aligned? How does this

non-alignment make you feel?

6. What can you do to balance and align them?

7. What is the gain when both these worlds are fully aligned and are in harmony?

8. Who would you be if these worlds were perfectly balanced?

9. What can you do to make sure your inner and outer worlds are aligned? And how would a perfect alignment make you feel?

10. What WILL you do so your inner and outer worlds are aligned and one?

I do hope that you do create the space to ask these questions to yourself.  

I remember writing them down in a few minutes one Spring day when I was sitting by the ocean. But they did not just form themselves in two minutes.

They appeared in a seemingly short amount of time because I LIVED through them.

Ocean waters supporting human creation
Feeling the full support of nature when creating

Yes, any coach or mentor can copy, paste and ask these questions to you.

But will they ‘feel’ the questions and your answers to them? And will they ‘know’ what to do with the questions and the answers? 

🔸 The guides you choose on your path to living a conscious life are important- particularly "the amount of wisdom, experience and open-heartedness” they hold.

🔸 If you can choose a guide who shares the same core values as you, has a similar purpose in life and is ahead of you in the same pursuit- even slightly, it massively accelerates your journey of creating a fulfilling life.

🔸 A life where you are content, no matter what challenges might be thrown at you. 

🔸 A life where you can start each morning with a smile, be filled with appreciation of everything and everyone around you, and say ‘Yes!’ to the new day. 

I have a "7-stage Conscious Leadership and Life Design Model" which was birthed one Spring day by the ocean for the sheer purpose of helping people live intentional and fulfilling lives 🙂

Check my website, sign up to receive the model and seven heart-ful emails that come with it. 

If you then feel I might be the right ‘guide’ to help you create your conscious life, drop me a line at

Much love 💛

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