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Conscious Humans are 'Peace'

Free and peaceful like a dove
Peace lives within us

Last night I was with white unicorns in my dream, alongside white horses and zebras... I feel there might be a connection to 'Peace' there, as upon waking up, I discovered an old album by Ayla Nereo, whose music and art I enjoy very much. I started listening to the album while getting ready.

It is truly beautiful.

One song in the album struck a deep chord as it echoes the current, very sad world affairs.

I always have hope.

And this inspirational song expanded my heart and multiplied my hope. It is called Asalam Shalom - combining the Arabic and Hebrew words of a similar meaning for ‘Greetings with Peace’.

Ayla Nereo wrote the song more than a decade ago.

When asked about the backstory, she said: While visiting Israel a few years ago, I noticed all signs were both Arabic and Hebrew. I asked a local friend if everyone spoke both languages. No, he replied, and said there was a resistance to learning the other’s…

In the song she sings:

“The sky is the same here, no matter where I stand,

harmless blue, gentle peaceful blue,

holding life, holding birds still looking for their homes to land.

Yes the sky is the same here no matter where I stand… Loose like a willow, lose yourself, lose your self-consciousness, break like a shell, fall apart, let it all come in…

Cause the sky is the same here, no matter where I stand…So breathe, breath, breath.”

Hope is a gateway to peace
We shall never lose hope

🕊 I often think about our Oneness as humanity and our Oneness with other sentient beings and Nature.

Being on Earth for more than four decades has taught me not to expect Peace to come from governments, from corporate or other organisations. If those routes were the solution we would have been One under Peace on Earth long ago.

Raised in a Turkish-Greek-Armenian-Jewish community, I know that the cultures within and surrounding the Middle East are far more similar to one another than some might realise.

The lands have a consciousness that people share. And let’s not forget the collective consciousness of the centuries people tune in to. That shared consciousness is in the food, the music, the ways of relating to others, the approaches to living, family and community.

🕊 We are Peace. It is within us. And we will achieve Global Peace. It will come through the Rising Consciousness of humanity. It will be achieved by fully conscious humans on the ground. It will be a Grassroots outcome, nothing from top down.

🕊 Today I am listening to and softly singing Asalam Shalom with a hopeful heart, full of gratitude to the creator of the song.

We might not be in the affected areas physically, but our songs, prayers, good wishes, blessings, group meditations, open and loving hearts help raise the collective consciousness and frequency. We need the highest level of consciousness and frequency on the path to Peace as One Humanity.

Here’s the link to the song if you wish to listen to it too.

With love and peace…

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