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Being One With Nature, Being One With Animals

If the scene in this video is not magical, what is? ✨ 

💠 For years I have watched the birds on the dock with total fascination and gratitude. 

And at times with guilt. Because I have always deeply felt how unfair it was for us to leave such little space for animals- particularly in the cities. 

We always take over. And always more than we should.

(Where are the animals supposed to go?

It is their world too. It is their Earth too. And we are meant to share!)

💠 In the last two years or so, something fascinating happened. The number of the swans on the dock increased almost by ten fold. Many of us living in the area are awe-struck. We feel blessed to witness the paradise-like frequencies and the grace these majestic animals bring.

💠 Sometimes I ask neighbours: What could we have possibly done to deserve to be gifted such magnificence everyday? 

💠 And I am constantly learning from the swans. They come with both life and leadership lessons. 

Learning from a form of consciousness that is in full sync with its innate skills and gifts, as well as its needs and limitations. A form of consciousness that flows with life instead of resisting it...

✨ And for the first time in my life, I truly feel the roles have reversed. Instead of animals being a part of my world, I feel a part of theirs. I feel I am the guest, not them. I love it. I am humbled and full of gratitude for the experience. 

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