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The Magic of Living in Full Alignment with the Seasons

It was my birthday a little more than a month ago (yes, a Scorpio).

And I was glad to visit Riga for the occasion.

I must admit while I was excited about the trip, particularly because it was my first time there, a part of me slightly yearned for an adventure in the sun instead. Regular sunny breaks by the sea in the late Autumn and mid-winter months had turned into a bit of an addiction during the past few years.

However, upon landing in Riga, I welcomed noticing that my internal yearning for the never-ending summer had come to an end.

Yes, we did experience the sudden, piercing shock of the 1 degree Celsius cold, while we still enjoyed 13 degrees in London. But the trees, the leaves, sparkling waters and Latvian traditional architecture were breath-taking.

All in our setting felt serene, fresh and uplifting.

Beautiful park in Riga
Living in flow with the seasons

🍁This surprising expansion offered from a colder climate immediately shifted my consciousness and reminded me of how important embracing "living in alignment with the seasons" is.

It made me wonder why I, an Autumn kid whose favourite season had always been the Autumn, went from enjoying all four seasons, to "turning away" from the colder ones.

And why now, all of a sudden, I was once again ready to happily embrace them?

🍂 When I checked in deeply with myself, I noticed the pain, growth and transformation of the last couple of years were the main culprits for this.

After the rapid growth through continuous grief, letting go and pain, I needed the summer joy, being active, being adventurous and playful more than ever. Hence, I had less tolerance for the autumns and the winters as they were constant reminders of shedding, letting go and endings.

I was struggling with accepting the seasons and cycles of life within rather than without.

And as that period was behind me, I was able to embrace the shedding, the accepting and the letting go while seeing "birth and possibility" in all phases of life.

🍁An important part of living consciously is living cyclically, aligned with the seasons. It is also about remembering that as humans, we are a part of nature and when we can follow its guidance, we honour our oneness with it.

🍂Each season comes with its own teachings and wisdom. Each season nourishes our body, mind and soul in different ways, while gifting us the full acceptance of what currently ‘is’ and having trust in what is to come.

🍁Since I have opened myself to being in tune with each season again, this time with full intention- I am in awe with the lessons, resilience, discovery and inspiration offered to us more than before.

Riga city centre parks
Serene beauty of nature

⛄We took stock, assessed and let go in the Autumn. Now it is time to immerse ourselves deeper into the Winter, finding soul-itude in its slower pace, observing the disappearing of all that is not serving us and beginning the inspirational planning and preparation stage of the new.

🌌P.S. Truly enjoyed Latvian opera and ballet in Riga and would highly recommend seeing the performances at Latvian National Opera if you are interested.

Have a great week!

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