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A Soul Tribute

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

candle tribute to a beautiful soul
A moment of reflection as a tribute to three souls I have never met

I had a great start to the day this morning- felt fully connected to my body, super alive and in touch with both nature and my purpose more than ever. Had some amazing reflection time where answers were flowing in. Sent a celebration text to a dear friend for her birthday. (Scorpio time is here…)

So it started as one of those magical days where everything felt in perfect alignment and even the air outside passed on ‘magic’.

I went out for my run and used one of my regular routes while listening to soft tunes instead of one of my usual podcasts- so I was more attentive to my surroundings. En route, I noticed an empty bench by the river with two memorial plaques on it, a bouquet of flowers and a 1st birthday balloon attached to the bench. I stopped in amazement, trying to understand why the flowers and the balloon were there. The top plaque seemed older and had two names on. The bottom one seemed new. When reading the writing on it, I noticed that a baby was born on this day a year ago and passed three months later.

I felt my heart freezing. “The parents must be locals” I thought.

Maybe this never took place but I imagined them sitting on that very bench with their baby during the short months she was alive. Then I imagined the people named on the top plaque, once upon a time sitting on that very bench and enjoying the stunning river views. I wanted to pay a tribute to all the souls involved. So I took my earphones off and started sending love and light through prayer to all.

in the loving memory of

As I reflected on while still gazing at the names, I felt both the immense grief and love- mirroring these departed people’s loved ones. I took two photos because I wanted to remember the bench and this moment. I also wanted to share about these people and what was created there out of love, care and longing. I am sure some other people would be doing the same.

Maybe these souls needed more comfort and healing and wouldn’t it be great to contribute to that?

When it was time to move on, I placed the earphones back and no other song than Love Song by Elton John came up on my Spotify list. “Timely” was the word appearing in my mind. So fitting for the moment. As I restarted my run, the soft tune and the word 'Love' blended beautifully and expanded my heart.

We are deeply connected in love.

And I feel deeply connected to all the souls mentioned on that bench, particularly to the one who was recently on Earth but only for a mere three months. I felt the mixed emotions of their loved ones who will keep the memories in their minds and hearts as long as they live.

sending love and light

Today I am asking for your love, light, prayers and good wishes for these souls.

Feeling for each other counts.

Praying for each other counts.

Hoping for each other counts.

Being there for each other, even when we don’t know one another counts.

We are one!

One humanity!

One soul!

Love song is in the link below if you would like to tune in.

Thank you.

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