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Be guided with strategy and fuelled by your heart’s truth!


Live Consciously. Lead Consciously. 

You are…going through ‘Transformation’.


Taking your leadership and your life to the ‘Next Level’.

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‘Upgrading’ your professional or personal life (or even both).

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It is (once again) time to move forward and redesign your life! This time, you want to take action from a self-assured place, filled with inner peace.

Design Your Next Chapter with Ease, Intention and Confidence! 

“Transformation is a crucial part of growth. And it feels magical and exciting…Mostly…But it can also feel messy, confusing and lonely.
During transformation, it is not uncommon for people to switch from ‘empowered’ to ‘intimidated’ even ‘scared’.

One day you might feel crystal clear about your direction, the next things might get blurry again. 

If you have been stuck between acting on your soul’s calling and remaining ‘secure’ in a reality you don’t want to be in…  

If you constantly shift between living someone else’s life, versus making the jump to design your ultimate life experience…If you are in desperate need of transforming with more ease, certainty and self- belief… Then you are at the right place! 


You don’t need to go through any of it alone! I have been there, and I have coached many people who have been there. I deeply empathise with you and know how this feels too well… 



I am Özlem. Your Conscious Leadership and Life Design Coach. 

I am always a Coach; mostly a Teacher, frequently a Healer.

I also am:

  • A Cheerleader

  • A Critical Friend

  • A Sounding board

  • A Teacher

  • A Guide

  • A Mentor


It is so good to see you here! And it would be a pleasure to be by your side, supporting you in creating your next chapter with awareness, intention and confidence.


"Özlem has a very rare gift of being able to know what other people think and why they behave the way they do. I learnt a lot from coaching and training with Özlem about different ways of seeing and relating to people. I am now able to find solutions to team performance issues in emotionally intelligent ways."

Beata Lyons, School Business and Finance Consultant, Education


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